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Reiki healing

Finding inner peace

Reiki healing can help you

Achieve a better balance in the body

Fill up depleted energy reserves

Lower the body's stress level

Balance the chakras (body energy centers)

Release mental and physical tension

Strengthen your immune system

Achieve greater well-being

Achieve increased awareness


Reiki healing courses

Reiki healing is something everyone can learn. Are you interested in learning more?

Reiki healing is an energy treatment with a strengthening and calming effect for both body and soul.

Reiki healing can release mental, emotional and physical blocks and you can achieve a natural balance, increased awareness and inner peace.


Reiki healing is a Japanese technique using the Universal life energy. Reiki healing helps the body use its own self-healing power.

Reiki healing, like other energy treatments, can gives subtle yet powerful results.


It can help you through difficult state of life, it can also be the beginning of an inner journey, to a better health and inner peace.


What to expect


I meet you in a calm and welcoming environment. Let go of any expectations, relax and receive what you need.



The session takes place in a sitting or lying position. You stay dressed.
I place my hands on or just above the body and let the energy flow.


A treatment can also be received remotely. Energy is wave motion that moves in time and space and thus works just as well at a distance.

You can get a virtual treatment at home. We get in touch by phone or video. Settle down into a calm place and we can stay in contact during the healing session.


I am a Grand Reiki Master since 2011 and for the past five years I have worked with treatments and trainings in Reiki healing. I invite you to try a treatment or learn more.


In connection with a Reiki treatment, you can also book an intuitive coaching session if you wish.

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