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Reiki healing courses

Reiki is a simple, natural method that is easy to learn. It helps the body relax, release stress, and maximize its health potential. Reiki healing is an energy treatment that dissolves blocks, balances energy and brings harmony to body and mind.


Reiki healing is a Japanese technique using the Universal life force.

The practitioner can treat himself and others through simple hand positions and thus help the body to use its own self-healing power.

Anyone can learn Reiki. Do you want to discover the benefits of Reiki healing and learn how to use the Reiki energy?

The training takes place in small groups with personalized teaching and great humility. A few intense days with a mixture of theory, meditation, and practice as well as personal initiations of each degree.

This level is for those who wish to learn the basics of Reiki healing, simple techniques of self-treatment, treatments for your loved ones, pets and plants. You learn to reduce stress, how to work on physical blocks in the body, and how to balance your body.


For many students, the level 1 is the beginning of an inner journey towards yourself, a better life balance and inner peace.

Ancre 1

At this level you deepen the knowledge of level 1. You learn to dissolve mental and emotional blocks on you and others, and you learn how to free yourself from pollution and negative thoughts that have remained anchored in you. You also learn different distant healing methods.

After completing level 2 and an integration period, you can receive clients and put your knowledge into practice. You become a Reiki practitioner.

Ancre 2

Degree 1

Initiation to Reiki


Degree 2

Reiki Practitioner


Degree 3

Reiki Master

The level 3 is for you who have completed levels 1 and 2. Here you further deepen your knowledge and learn to use advanced techniques. You become one with your inner self and with the universal life energy.

This level is more intense than the previous levels and it will take you to new levels of consciousness, a greater self-awareness and self-confidence. You will also appropriate new tools for progression and the opportunity to pass your knowledge on to others.


After a period of integration, you become a Reiki Master and you have the opportunity to practice as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Ancre 3

Reiki healing in group

I offer you the opportunity to follow and deepen your knowledge through group meetings (even remotely) once a month. These popular gatherings give you the opportunity to exchange experiences with like-minded people, to practice and to develop your skills further.

It is a great source of inspiration for me to transmit wisdoms of the Reiki energies, to witness and follow your growth and the transformation, as well as to help more people find the path to harmony and inner peace.


I invite you to share this journey with me!

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