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Coaching leadership

Challenge yourself, grow and become the leader you aspire

The goals of coaching leadership

awareness and an open mind

better communication

more responsability in the group


long-term success

The world is changing and so are we. The leaders of tomorrow need to be  ambitious  and aware, leading with values, installing hope and a belief in the future.


Do you wish to grow as a leader?
Do you wish to develop a humain leadership and give your employees more responsibility?
Do you want to create a better team spirit and greater motivation in your organisation?


In my coaching leadership program I offer you personalised support as a leader. We will work in partnership exploring how  to use your strengths and talents, and how to release your potential.  A better understanding and self-awareness lead to more long-term success.


My coaching leadership program will help you develop different leadership tools. How to bring out the best of your team. How to create greater tolerance and respect for each other and for decisions made. How to increased commitment and pride in the work and the workplace. How to achieve better communication and a better ability to adapt to different situations and changes. Tols for coaching leadership that enables you and your employees to flourish and grow.

Why turn to me?

I have exercised coaching leadership programs in various organisations in Sweden and Finland for over 20 years. One of my main strengths is an authentic and humain leadership, a coaching leadership.

Together, we create an environment where your employees are happy, feel accepted and everyone can use their potential in the best way. A workplace where you thrive and create results. You become the leader of your team.


How does it work?

I will start the process with you. if you wish I will then work with your team, coaching in small groups or with the entire team.


Different themes to discover:

  • Group development

  • Stress management

  • Common goals

  • Trust and responsibility



Together we create the best program for you and for your group.

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