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Thank you for guiding me with so much patience and kindness in my quest for light and inner richness. You are the beacon that guides my skiff. the journey continues...

Reiki master course assessment

Johanna made the course what it was, a profound spiritual journey. I felt like it was taylor made for me personally.

This course was excellently planned, but I loved Johanna's ability and willingness to go with the flow and change it as moments presented themselves, it made it feel caring and very personal.

A start of a spiritual awakening. A completely new way of looking at life, and a deep connection to the Universal energy that now feels part of me, rather than something external to connect to.


I thoroughly recommend Johanna Ohls Stoltz, her approach is one of reassurance yet challenging. A truly powerful Reiki Master.

I asked my husband last night if he had noticed a difference in me since my Reiki initiation.

He said yes, I am more focused on today rather than yesterday or tomorrow and I don't worry anymore about the things I can't control.

Thank you MidiCoaching 


It was very personal, very welcoming and relaxing as I was very apprehensive and nervous. It has helped me with my fuzzy brain to see my life path more clearly and to actually spend time for myself to grow in strength.


Can't thank Johanna enough for this profound and life changing experience. It's very hard to put what I learned and experienced on this course into words, but I feel like a different person (In a good way!)

The content, the place and the atmosphere appealed to me a lot more. Very interesting course, meets my expectations.

Master Reiki's training allows me to manage my daily life and provide valuable assistance to my entourage: animals and humans, I was able to benefit from this training in a intensive and individual and I get a lot of satisfaction from it, Johanna is a caring person who shares her knowledge with generosity and professionalism.


Small group of people with a warm, safe,

friendly approach. Clearly presented and organised.

Venue, teacher, intimacy of group, flexibility within programme. Thoughtfulness, positive feedback, generosity/ value for money, discussions, non judgemental approach, food, material.

Profound, life changing, confidence building.

Claire L.

Evaluation Training Reiki degree 1  

Initiation to reiki is for me another way to work on yourself more by listening to your body.

I was able to discover universal energy and better understand what it is by letting go of certain fears. 

It is also a way to connect to the universe, to ask for help and to be this open channel to receive the energy that the body needs to regulate itself and be healthy._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 

During the internship, I particularly appreciated the welcome (in all its forms), the listening. Benevolent support throughout the course. The paper support especially helps me today when I practice reiki. The mediations have also brought me a lot and lead me to practice them. 

This internship is for me an opening towards other possibilities to listen to and take care of oneself while being aware that we are attached to the Universe, to universal energy.

Dare to ask, dare to receive and thank....


Johanna’s unique method of teaching. It was very integrative and effortless.

She gave us time and space and acknowledged our healing stories and questions, and guided us with rigorous gossamer hands. Really beautiful way to help healers to grow into mastership. Wonderful.


A deeper understanding of the Reiki healing process, its wisdom and its ability to help in every aspect of my life.L


Jean Philippe



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