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The P.E.A.T. methods

Letting go of emotional blocks

What to use

the PEAT methods for

Emotional liberation

Release of limiting beliefs

Anxiety and stress

Chronic symptoms





Relationship issues

From duality to unity


Do you want to free yourself from limiting beliefs, emotional burdens and find your authentic you?

PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) methods created by Zivored Slavinski are methods that unify personal development, psychology and spirituality.


These methods are innovative, efficient, rapid and give lasting results. They are based on the principle of unifying polarities, opposing forces within us, such as fear and courage, sadness and joy, darkness and light; to move from duality to unity.


Work is done on our images, emotions, physical sensations and thoughts. Very quickly we find the root of the problem and the fusion of our fundamental contradictions.


Any problem becomes an opportunity to free ourselves and join our unified centre, a state of inner peace. When we merge opposing forces within us, we move through situations with more balance and stability.

We become conscious creators of our life.

I will accompany you using these methods towards a state of freedom, joy and serenity.

Welcoming the discovery of your authentic self with the help of these methods.

What to expect


The session can be face-to-face or virtual.

You always start from a concrete situation and very quickly you get to the root of the issue. Guided by your unconscious, you will free yourself and find the solutions. You will be impressed with the lasting change.


Your difficulties can be resolved in a few sessions. When many negative beliefs and emotions are the source of the problem the work might be longer.

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