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Life coaching

Find your true self and live your dream

Life coaching can help you:

find your inner strength

release your potential

build healthy relationships

create success in working life

reach your goals and dreams

find joy in your true self

find your mission in life
Want to become who you really are and live your dream?

I help you to release your potential and find your true self, both personally and professionally.

My goal is to inspire you to grow and evolve, to follow your heart, to act and to let go of anything that prevents you from living your best self and living your dream.

In coaching we start here and now and work towards a better place for you to be.
It is a partnership where we work together to fulfil your dreams and goals. With the help of exercises and powerful questions, you achieve more clarity, self-awareness and consciousness and you will find your own answers. 


I will challenge you, support you and guide you in your process, always at your pace.

I look forward to following your growth and helping you find the freedom to be who you really are.

You can choose between personal coaching or group coaching with different themes.

 I also work with coaching within organizations.

coach de vie

How can life coaching help you?

Coaching can help you in different areas of life giving you:

  • increased confidence and consciousness

  • increased well-being and success in working life

  • increased clarity and awareness

Coaching is about changing your way of thinking, your way of looking at things, creating an increased awareness, changing your life.

What to expect


The coaching is done virtually by telephone or video conference. If you are in the vicinity of Narbonne, you are welcome to make an appointment for a personal meeting. We start a collaboration of 6 – 16 weeks depending on the area in which you desire to excel.


In organisations

I offer coaching in organisations as well.


Group coaching

I offer group coaching around different themes.

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