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Sabaaydi massage

Finding peace and harmony

Sabaaydi massage can help you:

Achieve a deep relaxation

Lower the body's stress level

Balance the body's energy flows

Release physical and mental tensions

Achieve peace and harmony

Sabaaydi massage is an etheric energy massage that provides deep relaxation and well-being beyond the ordinary. A feeling of luxury and a special treatment.


The method has been developed in the Netherlands and Thailand.

The combination of warm stamps with cleansing herbs and essential oils provides a unique treatment that is deeply relaxing and cleansing and provides increased well-being for body and soul.

Sabaaydi massage as well as other energy treatments give subtle but profound effects.


It can help you release stress and relax and provide increased well-being, but it can also be a complement to other treatments.


What to expect


The massage takes place in a calm and relaxing environment with music, candles, scents and warming blankets and towels. Always with great discretion.

I massage with herbal stamps and essential oils on the back, arms, shoulders, neck, face, calves and feet.


A treat for both body and soul.

I recommend recurring treatments for greater peace and well-being.

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