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Corinne - Reiki

Les reiki care, bring relief to the body and soul, they help to remove energy blockages, thank you...

 Corinne - Massage

Sabqaydi Massages are the best in terms of deep muscle relaxation… a moment that takes you out of time and puts the energies (and the body) back in working order! We come out like new! 

Nadette -Massage

Thank you for this wonderful massage. new to me. What a talent...happiness

Bea - Massage

Johanna is a nice person, available, and always listening. Very gentle, his massages allow you to take a pleasant break.

I highly recommend her.

ATnnie - Massage

I recommend Johanna whom I have known for several years now for her seriousness, her calm, the benefits of her practice, her human contact. 

Emily - Reiki

Johanna is kind and wise and has a lovely manner that makes her an excellent healer.  She is also an excellent listener, and explains everything very well. with Johanna I have experienced some extremely powerful shifts in energy, and enormous releases of negative energy, that have left me feeling revitalized and full of a sense of peace and well-being afterwards. I always leave Johanna's treatment room feeling lighter, happier and more importantly like I have learned something very important about both myself and the world.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Johanna to help you discover and more importantly 'let go' of negative habits and patterns, as she has done with me.

Nadja - Massage

A high quality treatment with good energies!
I felt truly relaxed in both mind, body and soul!

 Marika - Massage

Rachel - Reiki

Johanna is an incredibly gifted Reiki Master and energy healer. The combination of her intuitive sight, her ability to clear energy, and to give insight into the root cause of the block, is very powerful indeed. She has been instrumental in helping me move forward on my own healing journey. Thanks Johanna.

Alison - Reiki

I have to recommend a lovely Reiki Master/healer I went for some healing this morning, in my village ,( Sallèles d'Aude), to a very lovely Finnish lady , Johanna Ohls Stoltz. She speaks very good English and French (and Swedish) .I came out from the healing feeling a much different person to the one who arrived .I can't sing her praises highly enough . She is lovely and the Reiki is wonderful.

Laura - Reiki

Johanna is a highly talented reiki healer. I have nbeen having reiki sessions on a regular basis and I have been impressed with her knowledge, compassion and hindsight. I also feel much better after my healing.  

I recommend Johanna most highly, if you are stressed, unhappy or just want to take time off for yourself. Johanna will help you. 

När jag fick massage av Johanna kände jag mig fullständigt avslappnad, det var som att all stress försvann. Rekommenderar varmt det åt alla. 

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