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Find your true self and live your dream



I am Johanna.

I am offering a holistic approach on personal development and wellbeing.
My mission is to inspire you to grow, to find your best self and live your dream. Personally and professionally.

My main values are openness, honesty and confidence. These values are guiding me to create a higher human awareness. Together we can create a better world.   

Why turn to me? With joy and a lot of self-awareness I will meet you where you are at this moment.
I will help you to grow, to release your potential and to let go of what is holding you back. I have several complementary methods at my disposal such as life coaching, coaching leadership, the PEAT methods and energy treatments as Reiki healing and Sabaaydi massage.

Your journey can be an individual one, in a group, in organisations or through my courses and workshops. Together we choose what suits you best.


Welcome finding your best self!


Whilst I live in the south of France, I work internationally online and I am doing missions in Sweden and in Finland.


Attending inner peace


Relaxing and finding harmony


Letting go of emotional blocks

Personal development

and wellbeing



Want to become who you really are and live your dream? I help you to release your potential and find your true self, both...


Sabaaydi massage

Sabaaydi massage is an etheric energy massage that provides deep relaxation and well-being beyond the ordinary. A feeling of luxury…


Reiki healing 

Reiki healing is an energy treatment with a strengthening and calming effect for both body and soul. Reiki healing can release…


The PEAT methods

Do you want to free yourself from limiting beliefs, emotional burdens and find your authentic you? The PEAT methods are…

About me

a propos

Johanna Ohls Stoltz

I have always been a sensitive soul.

Early on, I learned to read feelings and energies of others, but I did not always understand my own reactions to what I felt. Over time, I have learned to maintain my own balance and still be there for others in different ways.


I have developed my ability to read the energies of others during my various assignments in working life in Finland, in Sweden and most recently in France. During my assignments as a teacher and leader, one of my main strengths has been seeing and bringing out the best of my students and my team.


When I discovered coaching, I understood that this is exactly how I have been working intuitively for many years and furthermore that this concept is what coaching is all about. To highlight the best in everyone, to learn to listen to one’s inner self and find the inner energy that gives power to change. Coaching in groups or individually is very natural for me and I love it.


On my own innate journey, I have worked with several different methods to find myself. Reiki healing came into my life when I needed it most. Thanks to it, I have found a much greater inner peace, cleared emotional blocks and developed my spirituality. Today, reiki healing is a part of my everyday life.


I have also had great pleasure and benefit from various other techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, stress management, and music. In my work, I use my life experience and the different tools I learned along the way and combine my knowledge in different ways according to your needs.


I continue to be fascinated by how we as humans can grow and increase our awareness, and I am constantly eager to learn more. Recently, I discovered the P.E.A.T. methods, some fantastic tools for, among other things, trauma healing, releasing blockages, banishing phobias. With these methods, you get incredibly fast results where you get to the root of the problem and therefor a lasting change.


Today I live my dream, I have found my authentic self and I help others to find their best self and live their dream. For a better world together.

Education and experience

Diploma in coaching,    CoachCompanion Scandinavia

Grand Reiki Master

Practician methods PEAT

Leadership education program for Principals

Master’s in music, Finland

Solid experience of pedagogics, education, coaching leadership and personal development.

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